17 Nov 2020
Josefinas Weaving Couture praises the art of weaving!
After Josefinas Burel Couture, lined with the typical Burel from Serra da Estrela, we were inspired by another ancestral art.
Josefinas Weaving Couture praises the art of weaving!

We’ve combined the savoir-faire of our master shoemakers, who carry decades of experience in their hands, with the authenticity and originality of the art of weaving, and, using the best wool, organic cotton, and linen yarns, developed a collection with five pairs of ballerinas covered with this noble material created in the Portuguese looms.

Josefinas Weaving Couture Wildflowers, Navy, Black, Blush e Diamond are created with love, pair by pair, especially for each order, just in time for Christmas.

Perfect for those sunny Winter days, this collection will certainly be part of many happy adventures! Choose your favorite pair and let it take you on a journey through Portuguese tradition!

Discover this collection at https://josefinas.com/weaving-couture.