06 Apr 2021
We were chosen for the University of Chicago's Live Cases!
Josefinas' experience was highlighted in the MBA of Kellogg School of Management.
We were chosen for the University of Chicago's Live Cases!

Josefinas has been the subject of analysis in several studies for the way the brand is managed, our mission regarding female empowerment, and for the experience we want to provide to our customers.  

In 2021, the name Josefinas travels (even if, for now, via Zoom) to the USA and integrates the study plan of the MBA by the Kellogg School of Management - Northwestern University, in Chicago.

In this MBA, designed for experienced executives, the subjects are taught through theoretical lectures and debate moments, where real cases are presented. In the last week of the course, there is also a "Live Case", where brand representatives share their experience with the students and answer their questions. At the end of March... this Live Case was about Josefinas!

We received the invitation from a customer: a Portuguese man, living in the United States, who is a Finance professor at Northwestern University, in Chicago, and bought a pair of ballerinas for his wife for Christmas. Given such a positive experience, he decided to invite us to participate in these exclusive sessions - and we couldn't be prouder! After all, the genuine experiences (which we provide to all customers) opened these doors for us, and we are very grateful for the opportunities.

Last March 28th, about 60 executives from different sectors participated in the Live Case about Josefinas, where we gave a 3-hour presentation about the brand. We answered students' questions, and presented some issues that were discussed in groups and presented to the class.

A very well spent Sunday afternoon, with lots of learning, of sharing new perspectives and knowledge - and, as a matter of fact, we already have two more sessions planned at Kellogg School of Management later this year!