We value savoir-faire!

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We are always on the quest for the best, and we found it in the past!

Along this amazing road, we met artisans that have a true passion for their work. These incredible artisans have been working with us in all our creations (even in our packaging – yes, it’s also handmade!).

We believe that the value of something comes from the work and care it takes to be created, and that's the kind of magic we hope to let out in each Josefinas' product. We truly believe that we should be the door to all this talent, and to tell the world how much better a piece made with time, love, and knowledge truly is.

An artisan is someone outside the chain of mass production, and that's exactly what we stand out for: the talent of creating a special and unique piece by hand. 

Open one of our boxes, handmade with lots of love, and take a moment to feel the magic of Josefinas. You'll feel the poem of a lifetime of creation and you'll definitely live an unforgettable experience.

We hope that through our eyes, you’ll see Josefinas' products in a poetic way.

We deeply admire all this talented, and we are grateful to have a chance to work with so many talented people, people who always place a bit of themselves in each creation.

Thank you all for being part of our Family.