Josefinas Audacity

I guess I have a certain willingness for audacity.

Sally Mann
Josefinas Audacity

Always follow your own path.

Queen Latifah
Josefinas Audacity

Audacity is, of all qualities, the most youthful.

Ellen Glasgow

These are the Josefinas who will accompany you on your next achievements. Be audacious!

audacity flamboyant

Audacity Flamboyant

The journey's exuberance will only enhance the final destination.

Josefinas Audacity Flamboyant
audacity lace up

Audacity Lace-Up Boots

Define your path with courage and pride!

Josefinas Audacity Lace-Up Boots
audacity chelsea

Audacity Chelsea Boots

Believe in your choices and achieve your goals!

Josefinas Audacity Chelsea Boots


The Audacity Collection celebrates accomplishments achieved through extraordinary acts as well as confident and determined decision-making. Handcrafted with noble materials by Portuguese master shoemakers, these boots are (really!) made for walking. Choose yours and walk towards the realization of your goals!