11 May 2021
We design your dream Josefinas... and give new life to the ones that have followed you around for the longest time!
Did you know that besides having a pair of Josefinas made exclusively for you, you can also give them a new life?
Josefinas Rosa Fragil Customizadas

We know that a handmade product has an unmatched magic, but we also know that when we attach special meaning to it, its emotional value becomes priceless. That's why we do everything in our power to offer you unique pairs of Josefinas, with details that are uniquely yours. In this article, we explain how you can customize your Josefinas and what repair services we also offer.


Customize your Josefinas with your name, initials or life motto!

Our ballerinas in plain leather (genuine or vegan), as well as the suggestions in suede, can be customized with up to 5 characters on each foot, on the heel area. Choose the custom color (between bordeaux, navy blue, yellow, white, gold, silver or bronze) and what you want to carry with you everywhere you go for a walk!

Josefinas Preto Saudade Personalizadas


However, if you prefer sneakers, we are happy to announce that the sides of the soles of the Josefinas Thelma and Josefinas Louise can also be customized!

Josefinas Louise White com Personalização


To top it off, create your own shoelaces! Here you can write not only your name or a special word, but also a short sentence, as you can customize them with up to 30 characters.

Atacadores #ProudToBeAWoman com Personalização

Photo by @petitepaulinastyle (via Instagram)


And because it' isn't solely for shoes that we offer the possibility to customize your Josefinas, we leave you another suggestion: the customization of your Power Lunch (in plain leather, pink or blue, or in serge) with up to 4 characters.

Power Lunch Blue Personalizada


Engrave a name or a special date on the sole of your Josefinas!

A good option for those who prefer a more discreet customization, but full of meaning. An option much requested by brides who choose to get married (or celebrate!) in flat shoes, but available for any pair of Josefinas with leather soles.

Sola das Josefinas Kate com Personalização


Make your dreams come true!

Your dream Josefinas are not available in your color of choice? Do you want to add unique details to your ballerinas? We believe that all women should pursue their dreams and that obstacles should be overcome... we could only keep this philosophy when it comes to our collections, right?

Here are some examples of special requests to which our craftsmen have responded:

Josefinas Ms. Brown High-Rise


Josefinas Burel Couture Brown


Josefinas Show Girl Red


Contact us via email ([email protected]) or via cell phone (+351 919 799 110) and tell us how we can make your dreams come true!


Give a new life to the Josefinas that have accompanied you on many adventures!

We create each pair of Josefinas by hand, with lots of love, and we have very strict quality standards, as well as rigorous control checks each stage of their creation. We really want your Josefinas to be worn for many years and to be part of many happy moments!

By contacting us via message on social networks, email ([email protected]) or phone (+351 919 799 110), you can have your Josefinas repaired. Our craftsmen can prolong the life of your Josefinas by a careful impermeabilization or, on the other hand, they can give them a new life by replacing the soles, the insoles or the lining. In most models, you can also exchange the genuine leather lining for the fabric lining, and of course give the soles a rubber injection to make them feel more secure.


We want Josefinas to continue to be part of your life and make you happy, just like on the first day - we do everything we can to make that a reality.