Portugal, July 4, 2023


Celebrating a decade with you


Dear travel companion, 

Can you believe Josefinas is turning 10?! Neither can we! Can you feel how excited we are? Ready to celebrate alongside us? We know that we can always count on you. 

In 2013, when the initial drawings of the first Josefinas ballerinas were sketched, we could never have imagined how the world would fall head over heels in love with Collection No. 1 – our original ballerinas, exquisitely handmade by Portuguese artisans, promised to take women wherever they wanted, because life is an amazing and imperfect journey... and that’s the only way we can truly create space to dream, act and make things happen. 

We walked the talk and made it happen, and you were there every step of the way. From paper to paparazzi, to the feet of Chiara Ferragni and influencers everywhere, our incredible story continued to unfold at New York Fashion Week and when we opened our first flagship store in the city that never sleeps. From ballerinas and sneakers, to boots and bags, we also created our exclusive community ThePinkBond. As we participated in various international events, we quickly understood that Josefinas was being experienced as something truly transformative – our #ProudToBeAWoman motto became our essence.

We realized anything was possible: for us and for you. The path ahead was crystal clear and the vision was to inspire other women to imagine their own journeys – boundless dreams, bold ideas and unexpected changes included. Promoting and working with projects, schools and campaigns that help girls and women consolidate their deserved space in society, with confidence, equality and success moved us. Believing that when we help a woman we contribute to a better and fairer world moved you. Together we helped Josefinas grow and expand to become a brand that touches women's lives in more ways than one: we’re your good luck charm, your pep talk, your shoulder to lean on, the friend who walks alongside you through it all. This has always been our heart and soul.

We’ll be blowing out our 10 candles multiple times this year, as we prepare to celebrate this decade with purpose and power. And to get this party started, we’re launching the Bright Capsule Collection – a limited edition that commemorates the art of life and creativity, of yesterday, today and tomorrow, because the future is indeed bright. With 5 models, where glitter, leather and metallic take center stage, each pair is luxuriously wrapped in a box illustrated especially for the occasion by talented national and international illustrators. We’re entering a new decade just as we did on day one: etched in luxurious style.

Thank you for walking this path with us.

Let’s keep inspiring and empowering.

Let’s keep moving.

The Josefinas Team


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