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01 Mar 2024
Portraits of Women’s Empowerment: Ana Sofia Martins
We are pleased to present our new feature "Portraits of Women's Empowerment" during the month of March, in celebration of Women's Month. Here, we invite you to explore with us interviews with empowered women from various fields, where they will share their experiences, advice and, above all, inspiration.
28 Jun 2023
Vé Boisvert
“When I wear Josefinas shoes, they inspire me confidence. As a woman, you can still be bold and feminine. Showing
28 Jun 2023
Romy Palstra
“The pattern created for this special edition is inspired by natural elements and feminine beauty, the different shades of pink
28 Jun 2023
Inês da Fonseca
“With the creation of this project, I intend to celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of women in all their femininity
27 Jun 2023
Vanessa Santos
"Josefinas is a brand by women for women, so I was thrilled to be asked to take part in this
27 Jun 2023
Giulia Caruso
“The colours and mix of patterns reflect calm and delicate natural elements that contrast with an elegant lid, enhancing the
09 Jan 2023
The perfect Josefinas for Wednesday Addams
We all know that Wednesday Addams loves black in all its versions. Which Josefinas would she choose?
30 Nov 2022
From today until Christmas, we will be highlighting a different organization that assists both girls and women. Let's celebrate a
02 May 2022
The Tiptoe Collection has a few novelties!
There are three new colors to discover in the elegant collection of pointy Josefinas.
01 May 2022
Josefinas' Book Club: Pride and Prejudice
The Jane Austen classic we couldn't fail to mention here.
22 Apr 2022
What if Carrie Bradshaw wore Josefinas?
Which Josefinas would melt the heart of fashion icon Carrie Bradshaw?
07 Apr 2022
Josefinas' team... and the Josefinas chosen for a trip to Paris
Meet the Josefinas that our team would wear in the city of love.
01 Apr 2022
Josefinas’ Book Club: The Psychology of Time Travel
We start the month of April with a journey back in time and welcome Kate Mascarenhas.
31 Mar 2022
The Long Run
A tribute to female athletes.
25 Mar 2022
3 women who changed the history of sports
Who were the women who lent their names to the new Josefinas' sneakers?
15 Mar 2022
Josefinas' team... and our suggestions for spring
We welcome the season of flowers and sunny days.
15 Mar 2022
Josefinas' Book Club: My Invented Country
A journey through Isabel Allende's Chile.
08 Mar 2022
International Women's Day | 12 companies founded by women that are making a difference in the world
"Imagine a world where gender equality is a reality."
03 Mar 2022
The vegan version of our Power Lunch has arrived!
Today we launch two new products that join the five pairs of ballerinas already existing in the Vegan Collection.
01 Mar 2022
Josefinas' Book Club: Where the Crawdads Sing
It's impossible not to love this work by Delia Owens.
25 Feb 2022
Josefinas for Emily (in Paris)
Emily Cooper is always on top of trends. She knows how to mix colors, patterns, and even styles. Which pairs