15 Mar 2022
Josefinas' Book Club: My Invented Country
A journey through Isabel Allende's Chile.

In 2021, at the Josefinas’ Book Club, we’ve read “The Soul of a Woman”, and we were delighted with the words of Isabel Allende, who always knows how to comfort us and give us the feeling that we’re talking to a long-time friend, among cups of tea and hours that fly by. Returning to her works was inevitable and, this time, we traveled to Chile with “My Invented Country”.

Through the memories of Isabel Allende, love and nostalgia stand out on every page and, far from her homeland, the author takes us on an emotional journey about this country that, even though it is not truly invented, it can transport us to a fantastic place, where the women are strong and the people are hospitable.

With the humor and cunning that we quickly associate with Isabel Allende, coupled with the perfect dose of irony and the intimate tone that the author doesn’t neglect, themes such as feminism (or the lack thereof), patriotism, and the Chilean tradition stand out. Longing and homesickness are present in Allende’s words, but the book also evokes childhood moments, family discussions, her grandparents’ house, the ceremonies during Sunday lunch, and of course, what Chile represents for her.

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