25 Sep 2020
Let’s change the lives of these women?
It’s time to guarantee dignity to women and to end the inequalities!
Let’s change the lives of these women?

Fotografía: Wink Kriola

There are girls who can’t go to school during their menstruation days because of the lack of conditions to buy proper hygiene products. There are families where women have to choose who is going to get sanitary towels each month. This has to end!

Wink Kriola created the Redline Movement to support girls and women from poor and vulnerable families from Cabo Verde that don’t have the conditions to buy sanitary towels and other hygienic products. An initiative to praise, that will allow many children to stay in school and acquire tools for a better future. ? ?

Wink Kriola made an online campaign to finance the creation of an atelier for the production of reusable sanitary towels, that will be distributed free of charge to women in need. In that atelier, women who need an income, who are in difficult situations and who need a job will work. The goal is to raise 10.000 € so that these women can be independent and have a dignified life!

Here, in Josefinas, we have already contributed with 3 sewing machines, which will help these women to prosper. Now, we are calling for your help to contribute to this cause: 1 € can make all the difference.