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About josefinas

Discover how Josefinas Amazon are perfect for cooler days, thanks to the rubber sole injection and reinforced leather in the interior. They are a part of the No.1 Collection, handcrafted and with an unparalleled magic.

We are always on the quest for the best, and we found it in the past. We’re obsessed with savoir-faire. Each and every pair is hand crafted by master shoemakers just for you, making each pair unique and special.

More details about Josefinas Amazon:

• ‘Jungle green’ leather patent
• Interior lining in leather
• Leather sole
• Adjustable cord
• Handmade in Portugal


Paris (France)

Josefinas are super comfy and the leather is awesome!

Susana Trindade
Mafra (Portugal)

I have 2 pairs of Josefinas and I am absolutely delighted with the quality of the material and the delicacy of the design. Congratulations on the idea and the concept, which were so well implemented.