Josefinas by Carmo

Our dear Carmo was so sweet in helping us create a better product, wearing and giving us valuable feedback on the Josefinas. Her blog post was a breath of fresh air for us and we were delighted!

This is what she wrote:

"I have a pair of black Repetto ballet flats, which are one of my go-to pairs as soon as the weather warms up... However, after many glorious years and a lot of mileage, they need to retire! Hence, I was so pleased when I was sent this pair of ballet flats... made in Portugal, but with the same quality of a pair of Repetto or Porselli!

And, once again, it was the story that I fell in love with... the entrepreneur, Filipa Júlio, decided to create this line of classic ballet flats and baptized them with a name that echoes in every child's imagination... Josefina was the name of the grandmother who took her to ballet! Isn’t this a beautiful tribute? :)

I certainly hope that, one day, to Portuguese women, and not only, "ballet flats" are synonymous of Josefinas! :)"

Thank you so much Carmo!

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