01 Apr 2021
Josefinas’ Book Club: The Authenticity Project
What if we always told the truth?
Josefinas’ Book Club: The Authenticity Project

What if we always told the truth? We start the pages of “The Authenticity Project” with this question, something so simple that makes us question our reality, our relationships, and the relationship we have with ourselves. Written by Claire Pooley, “The Authenticity Project” is our first suggestion of April.

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In the pages of a green notebook, Julian, a 79-year-old, decides to tell his truth and write openly about his own reality. This liberation, of the truth, led him to leave the small notebook at a local coffee shop, so that others could also leave their truths on the pages. Julian calls it “The Authenticity Project”.




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Throughout the book, we follow the story of six strangers who choose to share their truths in this notebook and decided to tell it exactly as it is, and not as they make it seem in their daily lives. They present themselves as six very distinct characters but, in fact, they are similar in many ways, more than they ever expected.

“The Authenticity Project” makes us realize that, however frightening the truth may be, we become much closer to happiness when we embrace it. A story that surprises us, filled with ups and downs, and room for the author to catch us off guard.

Emotional and funny, as we go along, we discover topics such as addiction, loneliness, the role of women in society, and the pressures of social networks. “The Authenticity Project” is, therefore, our first suggestion of April at the Josefinas’ Book Club.

Would you dare to join in on “The Authenticity Project”? Let yourself be inspired by the story and share with us what part surprised you the most, using #JosefinasBookClub on Instagram. Good readings!