07 Apr 2022
Josefinas' team... and the Josefinas chosen for a trip to Paris
Meet the Josefinas that our team would wear in the city of love.

We challenged our team to tell us which Josefinas they would take a trip to the city of love. Although we all have totally different tastes, there is one thing in common between us: the passion for the beautiful things in life and for Josefinas.

So, these were our choices:


Ana | Josefinas Stay Pawsitive

Photo by @purrfect_meow_wonderland

The best way to truly absorb the culture of the places we visit is, without a doubt, to walk its streets, talk to its locals, visit the lesser-known spaces. Whenever I visit a new city, I am an apologist for walking aimlessly and getting lost in unfamiliar streets. For this reason, I favor sneakers and their comfort! In Paris, I could not choose any other pair than Josefinas Stay Pawsitive.


Francisca | The Lover bucket bag


Paris is a stunning city and, whether it is a cliché or not, when I visited it I felt all the romanticism that they told me about in the air.

When I travel, I am very practical and take with me only the essentials, but you can not miss a camera (or several) to register every moment. The bucket bag The Lover has the perfect size to walk with us on a trip, it's light, romantic, and perfectly combines with the facades and terraces of the Parisian cafés and pâtisseries. It would undoubtedly be the one I'd choose for an adventure in Paris!


Diana | Josefinas Marie Antoinette White

Photo by @petiteflowerpresents

For a return to Paris, my Josefinas of choice would be Marie Antoinette White, which I associate directly with this charming, romantic, and artistic city, from which you leave with the desire to return.


Joana | Josefinas Titptoe Dots


To match the soul and allure of Paris, my Josefinas Tiptoe Dots will always be a very happy choice to walk along the streets of this city, which I consider as my third home - the most romantic and charismatic, just like this beautiful pair of Josefinas.



What Josefinas would you take to Paris?

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