05 May 2021
Josefinas Tiptoe: sophisticated and timeless
We wanted to develop a young, dynamic and elegant collection of ballerinas that would bring a good mood to everyday life... and today we present you the final result. These are Josefinas Tiptoe!
Josefinas Tiptoe Banner

After the No.1 Collection, composed by classic ballerinas, and the Square Collection, with a square edge, we have created a collection that includes 9 models of pointed toe ballerinas, versatile, sophisticated, and that do not compromise the comfort that we defend so much.  

Josefinas Tiptoe are available in some of your favorite colors (like the classic black and our iconic pink), which represent the timelessness of the collection, but there is still a novelty (or three!) to discover: models with patterns never seen before in our collections.

Josefinas Tiptoe Bessie and Josefinas Tiptoe Sunrise, in particular, guarantee that your pair will be unique, as no two pairs will be alike due to the complexity of the patterns.

As we privilege in everything we create, Josefinas Tiptoe are handcrafted by Portuguese master shoemakers, with the noblest materials and a gigantic amount of love – something a machine will never be able to replace.

Josefinas Tiptoe Blue


Josefinas Tiptoe


Josefinas Tiptoe Watergreen


The entire collection is available at HERE. Wich Josefinas Tiptoe are your favorite?