28 Jun 2023
Vé Boisvert
“When I wear Josefinas shoes, they inspire me confidence. As a woman, you can still be bold and feminine. Showing your colors to the world will bring you joy and freedom!”
Vé Boisvert

Born and raised in Hearst, a small French-speaking town in northern Ontario, Vé Boisvert  embraces her upbringing dearly and feels like it has a great influence on her identity. Since 2016, she’s been living in a loft that she transformed into a workshop dedicated to her art, located in Quebec. Her love for fine arts grew in her as she began her bachelor studies in public communications at UQAM.

Recipient of the bursary «Aide aux expositions», offered by Ontario’s’ Art Council, Vé exposes her work as a solo artist for the first time in her hometown, Hearst. Since then, she’s accumulated many exhibits in galleries, fairs, symposiums, and different private events. Vé has had early success in her career as an emerging artist.  Her paintings have been featured on “Hubert et Fanny”, a Radio- Canada TV sitcom, and publications such as Le Soleil (Québec, QC), Radio-Canada (Montréal, QC) and featured in House and Garden (United Kingdom: The Art Edit (February 2018).  Vé Boisvert’s artwork has been collected in Eastern Canada, in the UK and the US.


Vé Boisvert


Immersed in the beauty of nature's shapes and elements, Vé finds inspiration through her intuitive spirit and a unique technique of layering colors. Her paintings are full of positive energy and are induced by the rhythm of music. Vé's creative process focuses on bringing imagination to life, drawing inspiration from the wonders found in life's simple pleasures and the tranquility of meditation. Through her art, Vé channels her unwavering resilience aiming to enrich people's lives with luminous and vibrant paintings.


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