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23 Sep 2021
Your everyday go-to bag: The Bucket Bag
In our latest collection, we celebrate the individuality of each woman and the savoir-faire of national artisans.
25 Aug 2021
The most desired color has come to the Power Lunch!
A new color in the lunch bag that makes meals away from home much more elegant.
28 Jun 2021
New colors have arrived to the Marie Antoinette Collection!
Josefinas Marie Antoinette Slide are now available in two neutral and versatile shades, ideal for any summer adventure.
27 May 2021
The XX collection has grown!
Summer is less than a month away, and these are the perfect allies for the upcoming walks on sunny days.
05 May 2021
Josefinas Tiptoe: sophisticated and timeless
We wanted to develop a young, dynamic and elegant collection of ballerinas that would bring a good mood to everyday
06 Apr 2021
We were chosen for the University of Chicago's Live Cases!
Josefinas' experience was highlighted in the MBA of Kellogg School of Management.
30 Mar 2021
Josefinas Dear Blue are now available for mothers and daughters!
Spring is finally here, and it has brought a new color to our Josefinas collection for children.
18 Mar 2021
Josefinas Suede got a new color!
Josefinas Suede Blue is now part of the iconic No.1 Collection.
23 Feb 2021
Josefinas Confidence are here!
With the mission to inspire and empower women around the world, we believe that everything we do should have meaning.
05 Feb 2021
We are the first Portuguese fashion brand to protect its intellectual property in Blockchain!
In 2021, we introduced another groundbreaking innovation.
20 Jan 2021
We have added new models to our Vegan collection!
Three new pairs of ballerinas 100% free of animal materials.
17 Nov 2020
Josefinas Weaving Couture praises the art of weaving!
After Josefinas Burel Couture, lined with the typical Burel from Serra da Estrela, we were inspired by another ancestral art.
28 Oct 2020
Josefinas 5 Pearls Burgundy: a touch of color for your winter
Do you believe that winters are more beautiful with color? If so, this novelty was designed for you!
07 Oct 2020
These are the new Josefinas... and they're not made for walking!
We couldn't fail to highlight Carolina Beatriz Ângelo, a woman who challenged the norms of society.
04 Sep 2020
Josefinas Spotlight Blue & Josefinas Square Blue: novelties in shades of blue
The No.1 Collection and the Square Collection - now receive another shade of blue.
06 Aug 2020
Josefinas Algarve's Sand: choose your favorite cut!
Our No.1 Collection is filled with colors, and it's getting harder to choose the prettiest. Today we bring yet another
23 Jul 2020
The new Josefinas for bride
Serena Williams, Amy Schumer or Keira Knightley were some of the celebrities who have chosen flat shoes for their wedding
17 Jun 2020
The new Josefinas Cleopatra have arrived!
Josefinas's Cleopatra Collection is always highly praised - and we realize why!
27 May 2020
Josefinas Square: eight colors, one path!
We want Josefinas to be your ally in every occasion!
21 Feb 2020
Josefinas Suede have arrived!
We have added a request from several dear customers to our best-selling collection and created Josefinas in genuine suede.
30 May 2019
The New Josefinas Power Lunch Bag is born
Office lunches will never be the same with the new lunch bag by Josefinas!