Story and Values

We believe in fighting for a better world!

Josefinas paper drawing

How it all began...

The beginning of a vision...

A shared dream and the passion to transform the world one step at a time.

One day a woman had a dream, others joined her, and the dream came true.

Josefinas, an internationally renowned Portuguese brand, was born as a tribute to master craftsmanship with meticulous attention to detail, while celebrating its country's heritage. In Portugal, where the tradition of craftsmanship has endured through time, the name "Josefinas" was given in honor of one of the founders' grandmother, who, by taking her to ballet classes, instilled in her the conviction that women are capable of anything.

This story provides daily inspiration and aspires to ignite the same spark in other women. Josefinas advocates investment in education as a transformative force for social change, a powerful tool for progress that fosters equal opportunities for all.

Story and Values

We believe in fighting for a better world!


  1. We believe in meaningful actions.
  2. We believe supporting women fosters equity.
  3. We believe that handcrafted products have the ability to create unique and special stories.
  4. We believe life, though imperfect, holds endless possibilities.
  5. We believe dreams have no limits. 
  6. We believe in women's strength.
  7. We believe in transformative change.
  8. We believe education is a child's fundamental right, essential for creating a better and fairer world.
  9. We believe in the importance of sharing and gratitude.
  10. We believe in women's right to choose their path and in boldly standing up for her beliefs.