25 Nov 2020
10 Gift Suggestions for women who love classics
Christmas Eve is just a month away and we have suggestions for you!
10 Gift Suggestions for women who love classics

 Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing some winning suggestions that will delight women around the world.

These are the perfect gifts for women who love classics.


Josefinas Nostalgic Black

Josefinas Nostalgic Black, belonging to our No.1 Collection are an essential classic - after all, all women need a pair of black ballerinas in their wardrobe, right?

Whether it is the regular model (the one on the right) or high-rise (the one on the left, with a higher cut), we are sure that this will be a winning choice - and if you want to make them even more special, you can always customize them with up to five characters on each foot!


Josefinas Delicate Rose

The iconic shade of Josefinas, feminine and delicate, in a timeless pair of shoes. Josefinas Delicate Rose are also available in the regular model or in high-rise, and, just like our previous suggestion, they belong to our No.1 Collection

They are available from EU size 15 to size 43 (perfect for matchy-matchy mother and daughter looks!) and they can also be customized! Its pink shade is so soft that it goes well with any other color, both in more formal or relaxed outfits.


Josefinas Square Safari

Photography: Maria Guedes

In early 2020 we launched another collection of ballerinas, this time with a square edge, and Josefinas Square Safari are part of that same collection of iconic Josefinas, Josefinas Square.

For those who prefer to escape black but still opt for a neutral tone the Safari color is an excellent option. This model is available from EU size 34 to size 43 and will certainly be a good surprise this Christmas!


Josefinas Queen of Hearts

We now move away from the most obvious shades and,on to an equally beautiful and versatile suggestion, - but one that brings an interesting combination of leather and patent leather. They are the Josefinas Queen of Hearts, of course, in a shade of dark red that makes them perfect for the most magical night of the year (and all the days and nights ahead, too!).


Josefinas Luanda

If patterns can be timeless… Josefinas Luanda obviously fit into that group! The classic model of the ballerinas, wrapped in the leopard pattern, a classic that never goes out of style, to delight all women who, even opting for a more formal style, like to demonstrate their personality and irreverence. How about avoiding plain models and surprising someone with such a special pair of Josefinas?


Josefinas Ms. Brown

Because we know that, often, simplicity wins when choosing a pair of shoes, we think that Josefinas Ms. Brown couldn’t be left out of this list. Its neutral and versatile shade leaves no room for doubts, but the textured leather convinces us immediately. And since it is impossible to stamp all the leather evenly... no pair is the same, which makes them even more exclusive!


Josefinas Suede Green

Also launched in 2020, Josefinas Suede collection was created with the same mold as our iconic Collection Nº1, but features four new pairs of Josefinas, in four different colors, all in genuine suede. And why not choose the dry green option instead of the traditional brown? We leave you this suggestion, which goes so well with this holiday season: Josefinas Suede Green!


Josefinas Louise White

For the woman who loves sneakers and especially white sneakers, which go with everything and can be worn on a thousand occasions, Josefinas Louise White, with or without accessories, are the perfect gift for this Christmas!


Josefinas Burel Couture Grey

Inspired by a winter day in Serra da Estrela, Josefinas Burel Couture Grey are made with genuine leather and burel, materials that make them waterproof and warm for the coldest days. A classic that carries Portuguese tradition in its essence and that will certainly be a gift received with great affection and tenderness.


Josefinas Misty Red

Our Josefinas Misty Red, inspired by Misty Copeland and the ballet world, are a dream come true for the woman who can’t resist the classics, but loves the irreverent details. In a classic color and with a square edge (just like the ballet pointe shoes), Josefinas Misty Red are waiting for you and promise to be part of a lot of happy moments!


We know that sometimes it’s difficult to get the perfect size or model for the women in our life, so, this Christmas, we also have the possibility of offering a Josefinas’ Gift Card to someone special.

Send us an email to [email protected] or contact us by phone (+351 919 799 119) and we will be happy to help you surprise those you love!