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28 Jun 2023
Vé Boisvert
“When I wear Josefinas shoes, they inspire me confidence. As a woman, you can still be bold and feminine. Showing your colors to the world will bring you joy and freedom!”
28 Jun 2023
Romy Palstra
“The pattern created for this special edition is inspired by natural elements and feminine beauty, the different shades of pink
28 Jun 2023
Inês da Fonseca
“With the creation of this project, I intend to celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of women in all their femininity
27 Jun 2023
Vanessa Santos
"Josefinas is a brand by women for women, so I was thrilled to be asked to take part in this
27 Jun 2023
Giulia Caruso
“The colours and mix of patterns reflect calm and delicate natural elements that contrast with an elegant lid, enhancing the