23 Sep 2020
10 Josefinas for autumn
The end of summer, the omen of winter... The arrival of autumn doesn't have to be a sad event!
10 Josefinas for autumn
We know the days of intense sun have come to an end, but we can still travel the world and live amazing adventures with our Josefinas.

In this article, we seek to select Josefinas that we consider perfect to bring some color, brightness, elegance, and comfort to the gray days ahead!


#01 Josefinas Suede Rose

Josefinas Suede, from the iconic Collection No.1 , are the perfect choice for the mid-season days when we start to feel the cold coming.

Josefinas Suede Rose are perfect for unforgettable adventures, rain or shine, without denying the magic and power of pink!


#02 Josefinas Speak

Fotografía: @miss_gunner (vía Instagram)

With a simple sneaker there is no way to fail right?

In addition to being versatile, covered and lined in leather – which makes them perfect for the days when rain and cold insist on staying – Josefinas Speak are included in the You can Leave collection , which also has a solidarity component – and this is a trait that suits any season.


#03 Josefinas Red Lisbon

A tear of light that covers the entire Lisbon landscape: this is the inspiration behind behind Josefinas Red Lisbon!

Belonging to Collection No.1 , the iconic set of Josefinas, they are the perfect choice to bring light and shine to such a gray season. Its patent coating, leather lining and rubber injection on the sole guarantee comfort and elegance!


#04 Josefinas Suffragette

This pair is unique! We created a collection in honor of the great suffragist movement so that we never forget who fought for our rights, nor take them for granted!

Josefinas Suffragette carry the iconic colors related to the movement–which, by the way, also perfectly match the autumn shades! Coincidence? We don't think so.


#05 Josefinas Me&She Black Brogues

The motto of the Me&She collection is simple: we don't need a stereotypical identity to enjoy life!

UA pair of brogues is always a classic choice that goes well with any look! The Me&She Black Brogues are exactly that and much more: feminine, primed, versatile, and eccentric!


#06 Josefinas Ms. Black

The Ms. collection from Josefinas includes 3 wonderful options in textured leather!

Despite the fact that all models are perfect for autumn – with timeless colors that match everything! –Josefinas Ms. Black are a safe bet for the arrival of cold days. In black textured leather and with the classic Josefinas' cut, there's no way to go wrong!


#07 Josefinas Rose Bold Silver

Fotografía: @yuyuzhangzou(vía Instagram)

A pair of sneakers is essential in any closet, isn't it? To fight the stereotype that sneakers are boring, we have created a bold collection!

Josefinas Rose Bold stand out for being authentic art forms. Each rose is made entirely by hand, in a creative process that combines, over several hours, the talent and experience of our master craftsmen.Josefinas Rose Bold Silver with the roses in silver – are a versatile choice that will bring to your autumn look the je ne sais quoi and fun twist they lacked.


#08 Josefinas Cheshire Cat

Fotografía: @alexandrapereira (vía Instagram)

Ah... Cats! You're already convinced, right? Leather coated with cats pattern, as Josefinas Cheshire Cat are an excellent option for an autumn look with a funny twist.

This special edition is inspired by Alice in Wonderland's fantastic world – and what better time to evoke a fantasy world than on a sad, gray autumn day?


#09 Josefinas Me&She CrocBrown Combat Boots

The Me&She Collection is our invitation to start sharing your truth.

Integrated in this collection, which celebrates the unique power of every woman, the Josefinas Me&She CrocBrown Combat Boots present a classic and timeless model!


#10 Josefinas Opium

A ballerina with a snake pattern, in earth tones that screams autumn! Josefinas Opium are a timeless model, perfect for autumn days..

If you are a fan of the classic model of the Collection No.1 ,but want to give an irreverent touch to your autumn look, without compromising comfort, Josefinas Opium are the best choice for you.