23 Feb 2021
Josefinas Confidence are here!
With the mission to inspire and empower women around the world, we believe that everything we do should have meaning.
Josefinas Confidence are here!

We knew that in 2021 we wanted to continue to innovate, to celebrate resilience, and to bet on new models and collections. We have many changes and updates planned for this year, and this collection which celebrates self-love, with models different from everything we have already done, is the first of many. We are inspired by the women who cross our path, all those who fight for their goals and who do not prejudice. Today we present the new Josefinas Confidence.




After the launch of the new Josefinas Vegan, we took our chances on a new model of footwear and we present the Confidence Collection, which celebrates self-love and the path that each of us is able to take when we believe in our capabilities.

The three pairs of loafers are created using genuine leather and have a high rubber sole, which represents irreverence and the fight against stereotypes.

The Josefinas Confidence Black, with the pink detail in the strap, the Josefinas Brown Tassel, and the Josefinas Rose Tassel, which include tassels with gold metal details, will arrive with a special launch price until March 2nd. After this period, they will return to their original price (€305).

The Josefinas Confidence Collection is for online sale exclusively (HERE).