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About josefinas

Josefinas Benguela are inspired by an adventure in African soil. These Josefinas are perfect for cooler days, thanks to the rubber sole injection and reinforced leather in the interior.

We are always on the quest for the best, and we found it in the past. We’re obsessed with savoir-faire. Each and every pair is hand crafted by master shoemakers just for you, making it unique and special.

More details about Josefinas Benguela:

• Leather with zebra pattern
• Interior lining in leather
• Leather sole
• Adjustable cord
• Handmade in Portugal


Catarina Laborinho
Lisbon, Portugal

Joana, they’ve arrived <3
THEY ARE GORGEOUS! I loved the message. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. These “little surprises” make such a difference. The shoes fit like a glove. Thank you so much. You’ve made my Monday so much brighter.

Nadiya Filipchuk
Prague - Czech Republic

Josefinas are the most perfect, most beautiful and most amazing shoes I ever ever seen (and trust me, as a fan of ballet flats, I tried many brands before).
They are so incredibly beautiful, comfortable and tidy manufactured that non other word comes to my mind in order to describe them, than - PERFECTION.