13 May 2021
Ellie Goldstein wears Josefinas!
The model who has been breaking stereotypes wears Josefinas!
Ellie Goldstein_Gucci

Ellie Goldstein is a true Power Woman and we couldn't be prouder to know that our paths have crossed.

Born in 2002, Ellie did not let herself be stopped by Down Syndrome and is currently a model for world-renowned brands such as Nike, Vodafone and, in the luxury segment, Gucci - she was, in fact, the first model with a disability to represent Gucci and to be the face of the brand's beauty line.

Ellie fights daily (and actively!) for Equality and Inclusion and has shown the world that prejudices are just that - preconceived ideas that should not be perpetuated. After being on the covers of Vogue, Elle, Allure and Glamour... she is wearing Josefinas and shows her pride in being a woman through our flat shoes!


Ellie Goldstein com Josefinas WLAG
Photo: Ellie Goldstein (via Instagram)


Seeing her with our Josefinas Walk Like a Girl is fantastic! After all, doing something "like a girl" is spectacular, right?