03 Dec 2021
Rupi Kaur is a fan of Josefinas!
One of the most respected contemporary poets was enchanted by the magic of Josefinas Moscow.

Josefinas got to the feet (and heart) of Rupi Kaur. The poet, illustrator, and human rights activist, with a particular focus on Women's Rights, showed her affection for Josefinas and shared with her (over) 4 400 000 (four million and four hundred thousand) followers the magic of a product created by hand by Portuguese artisans and master shoemakers.

In the videos she shared on Instagram, Rupi Kaur confessed that Josefinas Moscow are a dream come true ("my ballet dreams coming true!!”), and made sure to share the details of the box, showing real delight–"are you ready to see the greatest shoebox I've ever had the privilege of owning?”

Josefinas Moscow are a special edition by Josefinas. Instead of being sent in a traditional shoebox, they travel inside a romantic music box, entirely handmade: the little golden ballerina, painted by sacred art artists, spins around to the sound of a passionate melody, and the pink Swarovski crystal indicates the way to find the golden, genuine leather ballerinas, accommodated in the drawer.

Thank you for sharing, Rupi!