30 Nov 2021
Irresistible for this winter!
These are the irresistible Josefinas you'll want to wear this winter.

When winter comes, it's time to rethink our choices of clothing. We bring out the warm knitwear, the coats resting in the bottom of the closet, and we plan the models to face the rain, the wind, and the cold. These are our suggestions to warm your feet this winter.


#01 Josefinas Audacity

Josefinas Audacity have just arrived, and they’ve come to complete the offer of winter models, bringing a very special message with them: as long as we are bold, brave, resilient, kind, and fearless, we women can do everything.

The collection consists of two models: Josefinas Audacity Lace-Up Boots handmade in genuine leather, with an irreverent model with laces and side zipper...



And Josefinas Audacity Chelsea Boots, also created by hand and revealing our interpretation of the classic model of boots, indispensable in the wardrobe of any woman.




#02 Josefinas in patent leather

Patent leather is waterproof, and in these winter days, when we want to wear our favorite ballerinas, these are a great choice.

The two classic collections of Josefinas, the No.1 Collection and the Square Collection, present some models in patent leather, with leather lining, on which you can rely this season:





  • Josefinas Square Red Wine are a proposal that breathes elegance, inspired by the vineyards of the Douro, and that promises to bring glamour to every look.



#03 Josefinas Confidence Collection

The Confidence Collection was released this year and is already a favorite. Available in three different colors, in genuine leather, and with a striking sole. The motto of this collection is the celebration of self-love and the path we are able to walk when we believe in ourselves.

Discover the collection and choose your pair for this winter. Josefinas Confidence Black, Josefinas Confidence Brown Tassel or Josefinas Confidence Rose Tassel?




#04 Josefinas Me&She

The Me&She Collection is our invitation to share your truth, a hymn to sorority. There are six pairs of perfect winter Josefinas to discover.

In winter, a leather shoe is a must-have, and the Me&She Collection presents the perfect model, available in two colors: the Pink Brogues and the Black Brogues - two perfect solutions for colder days when the outfit ask for a stylish detail.





This is the season of ankle boots, and this collection features Josefinas Me&She Black Strong Boots, a timeless model that will accompany you on rainy days.



If, on the other hand, you prefer more irreverent boots, with its own je ne sais quoi, you'll like to know the Combat Boots. Available in three versions, you can find two models in textured leather – Josefinas Me&She CrocBrown Combat Boots and Josefinas Me&She CrocBlack Combat Boots – or in plain leather, Josefinas Me&She Black Combat Boots. What's your favorite pair?








#05 Josefinas Burel Couture

At Josefinas we value the national savoir-faire and the experience of Portuguese artisans. The Burel Couture Collection it is the materialization of this very thing. Inspired by a winter day in Serra da Estrela, the collection presents five models of Josefinas of natural leather and burel, a material of 100% wool, traditional of the mountain, and are perfect for winter walks.

Green, Ginger, Rubi, Black, and Grey, are the five colors available – which one will keep you company this season?










If you want, you can add the rubber injection on the sole, so that you feel safer!



#06 Josefinas Amelia

Josefinas Amelia are another novelty full of Woman Power! Inspired by a resilient and inspiring woman, aviator Amelia Earhart, this collection consists of three pairs of loafers in three different colors, in which each detail tells a story. The faux shearling fur straps, the square front, and the metal details are no accident.

There are three colors to discover: Josefinas Amelia Black, Josefinas Amelia Rose, and Josefinas Amelia Burgundy. Just choose the most suitable color for your winter and walk with confidence!




#07 Josefinas 5 Pearls

Josefinas 5 Pearls are another suggestion in burel – one of our favorite materials for the winter, because it is waterproof, warm and, of course, carries the legacy of a country.

Handcrafted, they contain an incredible detail, which gives sensitivity and elegance to a model of military boots: each boot contains 5 true pearls on the laces! Non-slip rubber soles are the perfect finishing touch for a winter solution.

Among the colors, you can opt for two very versatile colors:  in grey, Josefinas 5 Pearls, and Josefinas 5 Pearls Burgundy, in the color of the same name.






Each pair of Josefinas is produced by hand, with a lot of love... and our craftsmen need time to create their dream Josefinas – because only time and dedication allow something extraordinary to be created. To ensure your Josefinas arrive in time for Christmas, place your order in advance – we have extended the deadline for exchanges and returns until the end of January 2022.