15 Mar 2022
Josefinas' team... and our suggestions for spring
We welcome the season of flowers and sunny days.

When it comes to style, it's safe to say that we're quite different from each other – and that's fantastic! We are living proof that there is (at least) a pair of Josefinas for every woman, regardless of her tastes, preferences and personal style.

On the day we welcome spring, we share with you our choices for the season of bloom (and we confess that it was not easy to select only one product!).




Ana's choice: Josefinas Imagine Blue


“As soon as the first rays of sunshine arrive this spring, I'll be pulling my spring shoes out of the drawer... Espadrilles, mules, sandals. For this year (which is looking kind of gray!), I make a colorful suggestion that guarantees a twist to any look: Josefinas Imagine Blue, which belong to the collection created in partnership with a Power Woman I admire, Bukky Baldwin.”


Carolina's choice: The Hiker


“I associate pastel tones with spring. Light pink, the mint green, soft blue... they take me back to sunny days in the garden, with a book in my hand and the breeze on my face. There are a couple of Josefinas that I use a loooot during sunny days, but I couldn't resist the temptation to recommend our bucket bag in what is, for me, a color that conveys tranquility. For this spring, this is my suggestion.”


Diana's choice: Josefinas Nina Misty


“Starting from the premise of love for ourselves and for our fellow men, I highlight Josefinas Nina Misty. At a time when the world is in conflict, I associate this model and its entanglement with the spirit of mutual aid and the preservation of our own values, which I identify in noble materials and the irreproachable quality. Its ocher tone reminds me that we must stay close to the communities with which we identify, so that we do not lose the connection to our more human side.”


Francisca's choice: Power Lunch Beige


“There is nothing more springlike than the desire to walk more and spend more time outdoors, enjoying the sunny days for meals outside. For the first picnics with family and friends, there is no better companion than Power Lunch Beige. Practical, versatile, and with a waterproof and thermal lining, this is my suggestion. I'm sure that it will be very successful in the months ahead!”


Joana's choice: Josefinas Tiptoe Red


“With spring coming and the world constantly changing, I advocate that Josefinas Tiptoe Red are the best allies for this moment of transition. To them, I associate values such as resilience, persistence, and audacity, giving a feminine and very elegant touch to those who wear them.”



How about you? What are the ideal Josefinas for you this spring?

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* cover photo by @the.artesao