06 Jan 2022
Josefinas' team... And our wishes for 2022
In the first week of the year, we share with you our wishes for 2022.

The end of a stage is always a good excuse to reflect on our goals, on what we have achieved thus far, and what we need to work on. On the other hand, the beginning of a new year is conducive to changes, resolutions, and motivation to continue to walk the path we're building with enthusiasm.

There are many goals we want to achieve, both as a team and individually. Josefinas’ team was challenged to share one (yes, one only!) wish for 2022... And these were the answers:



Ana: take all the trips I left on hold

In 2020 and 2021 I postponed all my (long-awaited) plans and ended up making my new discoveries through a screen or with the help of books. In 2022, I want to finally be able to gather all my friends, discover the destinations I don't know yet, revisit the places where I was happy, and, of course, create many beautiful memories without the fear of a hug. The best inspiration is in others – other people and other places – so, what I look for in this new year is a good dose of inspiration.



Francisca: live intensely

I start 2022 with fear, but simultaneously hoping that it will be a better year than the last we have lived. I’ll do what I can to make it so.

I hope this new year is one of change - for the better, of course. May 2022 allow me to achieve a few more goals and dreams that have remained on hold, to invest in my education, to embrace new challenges and to take significant steps for my personal and professional future.

In 2022, I want to travel a lot, make plans with my friends and family, and feel no fears or constraints while I accomplish them.

Basically, what I want most is that 2022 is a year of freedom and renewal!



Diana: regain confidence in affections

If the last two years have been stained by the ideas of social distancing, isolation, and reduction of contacts, in 2022 I wish the return of all the hugs from those who are dear to us, without restrictions, without feelings of guilt, and without fear.



Carolina: follow my niece's growth

The last few years have shown us that plans can change in a heartbeat, and that there is nothing more valuable than our health and our people. I could tell you that I’d really enjoy taking a trip (because I would!) or investing in my training (especially since it's in my plans!), but at the end of the day, being present, following Margarida's growth, and being part of her memories, games and adventures is the most important thing. May we live amazing moments with the people we love in 2022.



Esther: value the little things

In recent years I have realized that I have underestimated contacts, whether a hug or just a handshake, until they were no longer guaranteed.

In 2022, I will appreciate little gestures more, as well as all those things that I didn't value before. I'll love (even more) the people who love me back, reconnect with the people who have been more distant, and become the woman I always wanted to be, welcoming the new stages and my new self with great enthusiasm.