27 Jun 2023
Vanessa Santos
"Josefinas is a brand by women for women, so I was thrilled to be asked to take part in this project and personify the box that carries these little treasures."
Vanessa Santos

Vanessa Santos, a Lisbon native, embarked on a creative journey that led her to study Design at IADE and delve into the realms of 2D and 3D Animation at Restart. However, it was through the art of illustration that she discovered her true calling. In 2018, she unveiled her inaugural solo exhibition, and her captivating creations grace the shelves of esteemed boutiques such as Kintu Lisboa and Lovely Breeze. Vanessa has forged partnerships with a range of distinguished Portuguese brands, including Adega Maior, D'Aveia, Aqui há peça, and Ramos Cerâmica, to mention a few.

While she currently thrives as a motion designer at a prestigious advertising agency in Lisbon, Vanessa's artistic spirit remains boundless. Her freelance illustration ventures exemplify her desire for crafting personalized family portraits, breathing life into each stroke. Ever ready to embrace unconventional challenges, she fearlessly pushes the boundaries of her craft, allowing her illustrations to transcend the confines of mere paper.


Vanenssa Santos


Vanessa Santos celebrates the beauty of all body shapes, rejecting society's narrow standards. Influenced by her deep connection with nature and admiration for organic forms, her artwork intertwines strength and reverence. The bond between woman and nature is harmoniously celebrated in her creations.


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