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08 Feb 2022
The Dreamer, for all pink lovers
In time for spring, Josefinas' iconic shade of rose has arrived to The Bucket Bag!
01 Feb 2022
Josefinas' Book Club: I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings
How do we live and grow when the world lets us down?
27 Jan 2022
ThePinkBond days are coming!
From February 1st to 10th, members of ThePinkBond, Josefinas' private club, will have access to special prices, exclusive offers, and
20 Jan 2022
The first novelty of 2022!
A new style in the Josefinas Confidence, the one that has been delighting women around the world for its versatility
15 Jan 2022
Josefinas' Book Club: Nothing much happens
Cozy and calming stories to soothe your mind and help you sleep.
06 Jan 2022
Josefinas' team... And our wishes for 2022
In the first week of the year, we share with you our wishes for 2022.
01 Jan 2022
Josefinas’ Book Club: Orlando
“Orlando” is undoubtedly one of the most interesting works by Virginia Woolf, amazing woman who lived and thought ahead of
30 Dec 2021
In 2022, do we walk together?
2021 was an exciting year, and we had the privilege of living extraordinary moments side by side with people who
15 Dec 2021
Josefinas' Book Club: Girls Can Do It, Too! / Boys Can Do It, Too!
The last suggestion of 2021 in the #JosefinasBookClub is also an excellent gift for the little ones this Christmas.
03 Dec 2021
Rupi Kaur is a fan of Josefinas!
One of the most respected contemporary poets was enchanted by the magic of Josefinas Moscow.
01 Dec 2021
Josefinas' Book Club: Women & Power: A Manifesto
In December, the first suggestion of the Josefinas’ Book Club is by one of the most respected and well-known contemporary
30 Nov 2021
Irresistible for this winter!
These are the irresistible Josefinas you'll want to wear this winter.
25 Nov 2021
Audacity is the watchword!
Just in time for Christmas, winter walks, and rainy days, we present you the Audacity Collection.
23 Nov 2021
Josefinas at Winter Market Stylista!
Next weekend, from 10 AM to 7 PM, we'll be at Winter Market Stylista, in FIARTIL, Estoril.
15 Nov 2021
Josefinas' Book Club: The Bookish Life of Nina Hill
In the second half of November, a book to read cozied up back home.
01 Nov 2021
Josefinas' Book Club: Roar
“Roar”'s colorful cover and short chapters are our first suggestion of November at the Josefinas’ Book Club.
28 Oct 2021
Josefinas Amelia, a tribute to Amelia Earhart
Amelia Earhart was the inspiration for Josefinas' new collection.
26 Oct 2021
Katty Xiomara and Josefinas together at Portugal Fashion
Katty Xiomara showed that it is possible to achieve an elegant and feminine look without resorting to high heels.
25 Oct 2021
Who was Amelia Earhart?
It’s impossible to sum up a life so full of achievements and successes, but here is our attempt to do
19 Oct 2021
Zooey Deschanel takes Josefinas to the Emmy
I spy with mt little eye: Josefinas Cheshire Cat at the Emmy Awards!
15 Oct 2021
Josefinas' Book Club: VOX
The deafening silence of the dystopian universe created by Christina Dalcher.